This encapsulates functionalities needed by academic institutions. It can be used by any level of academics (primary, secondary and tertiary) because its widely modifiable and extensible. SchoolCloud allows you to put your school in the cloud and in the hands of your wards, parents and guardians.
The three main segments of SchoolCloud are given below:

Admin Board

This grants access to school instructors to manage the portal based on their roles. It allows sharing of academic resources, information dissemination etc

Students Board

This allows students to carry out their activities on the portal e.g. update profile data, register courses, view results, pay fees, access shared academic materials etc

Reference Manager

This maintains a comprehensive management of references or carry-overs or resits for students that need to re-register failed courses for the current session

Few implementations are below:
  • Ebonyi State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Uburu, Ebonyi State (EBSCONMU) - Go to page
  • Ebonyi State College Health Sciences and Technology, Ngbo, Ebonyi State (EBSCOHSTECH) - Go to page