To be recognized as a dependable resort in quality and value and as a critical component of corporate strategy, to deliver timely solutions to our clients and ease business challenges through the application of relevant technologies, expert advisory and professional trainings.


To be a world-class, renowned and reliable supplier of IT products and services that help our clients meet organizational goals and experience the possibilities of cutting-edge technology.

Core values

When facilitating the development of our visions, we use five themes:

  • Partnership Challenges:
  • What clients (and internal customers) expect of us related to their business and their relationship with the organization.
  • Resource Management Challenges: How our resources (technology, time, etc.) are created, utilized and tracked.
  • Product Design Challenges: What we do to design, build and deliver products that customers will then own.
  • Operational Services Challenges: How we provide ongoing services, both to clients and internally.
  • Time Challenges: How we deliver value with stipulated time.

Our Team

David Isu: A masters' degree holder from the Cranfield University, United Kingdom. He started programming since 2004 and got his first website development contract then. He is multi-skilled in various programming languages and is know for simple but workable solutions.

Austin Ohakwe: A graduate of Project Management Technology from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Austin is a seasoned Wordpress developer and is also experienced in other frameworks. He is a good graphic designer and derives joy in drafting outstanding aestheic concepts.

Jude Ohalete: A graduate of the University of Abuja and Dundee University, UK. Jude is a financial analyst and a chartered accountant who surveys and offers advice for various business decisions.

Mercy Okoli: A barrister from the Ebonyi State University. She acts as a secretary to evaluate and advice on contractual agreements.


Our developtment steps are summarized below:


We use technology in new ways to create a more efficient organization and improve alignment between technology initiatives and business goals.
We turn business processes into automated IT functions, develop applications that open new markets, or implement desktop virtualization to increase manageability and cut hardware costs.